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The Action-Oriented Organizer Creator

You are an organized and action-oriented creator. Once you know what you're doing, you jump to action to carefully and precisely execute it. You make plans, you may even have spreadsheets, and you know the outcome of this creative vision sometimes even before you start on it! The drawback of this kind of creative energy is that you might lack spontaneity and the ability to let yourself get lost in inspiration and unexpected outcomes. Creativity coaching can help you release your control and explore the beauty of the unexpected and organic! Scroll down to read more about your creator type below.

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As a creative person who is action-oriented, you are driven by your passion for creating, but you also have the ability to channel that energy into productive and meaningful action. You have a deep well of ideas and inspiration, but you don't let yourself get bogged down by the details. Instead, you are constantly moving forward, taking risks, and trying new things.

You are not content to simply dream about your ideas or wait for inspiration to strike. You have a laser focus on your goals and are always seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow. You are not afraid of failure or setbacks, but rather view them as opportunities to learn and improve.


You work best in a clean, well-organized space, and all of your creative materials or technology likely have a place. You thrive on structure, and you are not intimidated by big ideas because you know how to methodically go about executing on each small and big part. You may excel at more operational tasks like marketing or communication because of your organized nature. 


You may notice that your weakness lies in letting go of control and living in the beautiful, inspirational, creative moment. While always knowing what's next can be comforting, you rarely open yourself to the unexpected or stray from the well-trodden path that lies ahead of you. You may underestimate your own potential because you often see yourself in relation to others instead of the truly magical creative being that you are. This is where creativity and writing coaching can help! Chances are good that one of our packages is just right for you to become the most balanced and impactful Action-Oriented Organizer Creator there is! 

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