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After just one session with Mackenzie, I left feeling more confident about the direction of my creative projects. Mackenzie helped me gauge that my plans were in line with my long-term artistic goals. Her feedback was incredibly valuable since she mirrored my desires and questioned my fears. I left feeling very positive and self-assured about which next steps to take. I highly recommend Mackenzie to anyone wanting to move forward with their creative projects.

Dana Teen Lomax

When I first met Mackenzie, it felt like I'd known her all my life. She is warm and open, and only wants the best for everyone she encounters. I immediately felt that she was able to gain insights about me that even I didn't know -- she helped me get out of my own way so I could figure out what it is that I really want. I still have work to do and as I progress, I know that she'll be there for every step.

Nikki Peterson, Software Engineer

I had the opportunity to partner with Mackenzie on a project at a large tech organization. We were tasked to design an end-to-end intake process for the Curriculum Development team. This kind of project required big and bold thinking. Mackenzie’s strategy to start with curiosity and openness allowed us to think exploratively and ask questions we wouldn’t have otherwise asked. We used a mind map, which allowed us to identify key objectives by looking at the patterns that kept emerging. Not only was Mackenzie good at facilitating the brainstorming, she was also able to lead us through the analysis and “next step” processes that eventually led to our organizational Curriculum Development Intake process.

David Slater, Project Manager

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