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The Lab Approach:
The Mindset of Experimentation

Awakening our creativity is an active process

We all have a creative spark inside. Often, we are eager to find and ignite that spark, but there are obstacles in our way-- from fear of rejection to perfectionist tendencies to imposter syndrome.  We often stop ourselves short of connecting with that authentic desire to create because we are stuck in patterns that are not truly serving us.


A recent global study revealed that up to 75% of people think they aren't living up to their creative potential, and in another well-publicized poll, 60% of CEOs cite the attribute of Creativity as the most important quality in a leader or potential leader.

neon sign This is the Sign you've been looking for

Our unique approach at Creative Vision Lab is to use creative activities, conversations, and life-affirming experiences to experiment with ways to conquer these obstacles and reunite us with our authentic creative spark. We believe that this creative spark can lead to inspirational visions of our life, work, family, and overall future. 

When you partner with Creative Vision Lab, we work together to embrace fundamental mindsets that pave the way for more fulfilling, impactful creative experiments. We value the following approaches to our personal and professional experiences: 

  • Be curious: Lead with heart-felt questions over judgement and pre-defined agendas

  • Be vulnerable: Release your ego and speak your truth without the fear of being judged

  • Be inspired: Leverage the success and energy of those around you to feed and enhance your own energy

  • Be confident: Identify your strengths and trust them-- they will shore you up when the going gets tough

  • Be intuitive: Trust the "pull" you have towards the things you love without judgement or negative self-talk

Shifting to these mindsets is a challenge itself, so weaving experiments into our workshops that focus on one or more of these shifts is often part of the group or one-on-one experience. You may be self-aware enough as an individual or organization to know that you lack some fundamentals of one or more of these approaches. That's OK-- as both experts in the learning space AND creativity coaches, we will meet you where you are. 

Overall, creating space-- both in our minds and in our lives-- for creativity is where Creative Vision Lab excels. Creativity is a gateway to clarity, authenticity, and courage, and it may even lead to more personal or professional success, whatever that means to you.


We hope you will come experiment with us!

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