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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Confident Community Creator

You are a confident community creator who thrives off of collaborating with others and melding your creative vision with others. To be an artist or creator to you is to be part of a larger collective and to share in the beauty of the group dynamic. You look to others for inspiration, and they look to you. The drawback to this kind of creation is that you may not be valuing the power of the quiet, personal relationship you have with yourself and with your art or creative passion. You may lose sight of your own voice, talent, and beauty for the sake of blending into a larger community voice or project. Creativity coaching can help you strike the right balance between impactful community influence and projects and staying true to your own authentic voice among the noise. Scroll down to read more about your creator type below.

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Image by Tim Marshall

You are a creative person who sees the power of bringing people together. You are driven to create and share your work, not just for your own sake, but also to inspire and connect with others.

You are highly social, and you love to collaborate and work in groups. You thrive on the energy and excitement of brainstorming and idea-sharing sessions, and you always look for ways to bring people together around a common creative vision.

You are highly attuned to the needs and interests of your community, and you seek to create work that speaks to their unique experiences and perspectives. You are constantly seeking out new voices and perspectives to add to these creative projects, and you are always looking for ways to bring more people into the creative fold.

In addition to creating your own work, you are also a facilitator and mentor. You take pleasure in helping others develop their own creative talents and find their voice, and you are always willing to share your expertise and experience.

Above all, your creative spark is ignited by a deep desire to build and strengthen your community through creativity. You see your work as a way to connect with others, build relationships, and foster a sense of belonging and purpose. Through your creative efforts, you inspire others to tap into their own creativity and create a vibrant and supportive community of makers and doers.

You may notice that your weakness lies in maintaining consistency and structure. While following creativity through its twists, turns, and labyrinths, you may lose sight of the bigger sense of vision that you set out to achieve.  You may not know how to value yourself or your contributions because you don't take the time to research and understand the market, trends, or context within which your work is operating. You may lose your vibrant, authentic, original voice in order to blend in with others. This is where creativity and writing coaching can help! Chances are good that one of our packages is just right for you to become the most balanced and impactful Confident Community Creator there is! 

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