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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Organic or Flow Creator

You are an organic and flow creator-- when the spirit moves you, you jump to work immediately on the process. You can feel the power of the creative magic move through you, and you let it move you where it moves you. It may happen at any time or any place. Being creative feels like a spiritual act to you. The drawback to this kind of creative energy is that you may lose sight of the overall original vision, or you might often find yourself lacking the structure you need to professionalize your craft. Creativity coaching can help you find the right balance of organization and flow that will bring you closer to your creative goals. Scroll down to read more about your creator type below.

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Image by Ferhat Deniz Fors

You are someone who works in a very natural and intuitive way. You are not bound by rigid structures or fixed plans, but rather you allow your creativity to flow and evolve in a more organic and spontaneous manner.

You are highly attuned to your surroundings, and you draw inspiration from the world around you. You have a deep appreciation for nature and the natural world, and you often find yourself inspired by its beauty and complexity. Your work is deeply authentic, and you value time spent going inside as much as you value time spent creating outwardly.

Rather than relying on preconceived notions or formulas, you prefer to work in a more improvisational and exploratory way. You embrace risks and try new things, and you are always open to the unexpected twists and turns that your creative process may take.

Your creative work environment may be disorganized but functional, or you may have a more nomadic spark that moves you from one creative space to the next. 

Above all, you are a creator who is guided by a deep sense of intuition and flow. You allow your creativity to guide you wherever it leads, and you trust in the natural unfolding of your ideas and projects. 

You may notice that your weakness lies in consistency and structure. While following creativity through its winds and labyrinths, you may lose sight of the bigger sense of vision that you set out to achieve . You may not know how to value yourself or your contributions because you don't take the time to research and understand the market, trends, or context within which your work is operating. This is where creativity and writing coaching can help! Chances are good that one of our packages is just right for you to become the most balanced and impactful Organic or Flow Creator there is! 

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