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Find Your
Authentic Spark

Our services are designed with your creative journey in mind

Coaching Lab Packages

Described in more detail below, these lab packages are designed to offer custom-built and personalized sessions to assist you on your creative journey. Depending on the amount of mentoring and exploration you need, you choose the package that bust suits your goals.

We believe that creative experiences should be approached with a growth mindset. With this philosophy in mind, all of our services are viewed as "labs" because we are always experimenting, questioning, and challenging what's possible.

We offer the following options:

Workshops and Courses 

Our workshops, courses and curricula are built by experienced curriculum developers with precise subject matter expertise. This means that our workshops and sessions are both thoughtful and playful, experimental and practical. Contact us to explore the options of bringing our workshops to you!


We offer a series of packages available to suit your creativity coaching and mentoring needs. They range from short and targeted to robust and explorative. All packages below include a complimentary 30-minute consultation call. Labs can be used to focus on writing coaching as well, which we will identify when we engage in our free consultation meeting. Please select from the packages below, and let me help you reignite your authentic creative spark! 

Explore Packages


  • Creativity assessment

  • 2x 45-minute custom-built sessions

The Invention package is great for anyone who wants to explore, surface, and work to overcome their fear or any other blocks that are keeping them from pursuing joy and fulfillment, especially for in pursuit of creative endeavors.


The Imagination package is great for anyone who wants to get unstuck by identifying obstacles, defining goals, and mapping towards those goals. Sessions can be arranged in 4x 30 minute increments as well if that better suits schedules.


  • Advanced Creativity assessment

  • 2x 60-minute custom-built sessions



  • Advanced Creativity assessment

  • 4x 60-minute custom-built sessions

  • Asynchronous (video or email) check-ins weekly for 8 weeks

The Innovation package is great for anyone who is seeking to dive deeply into their creative practice and would benefit from mentor support in their creative pursuits.


The Inspiration package is the ultimate creative mentor experience. Together we will identify your goals, dive deeply into your intentions, and work together to set you on your path to your desired outcome.



  • Advanced Creativity assessment

  • 6x 60-minute custom-built sessions

  • Asynchronous (video or email) check-ins weekly for 8 weeks

  • Custom Workbook



Let's bring our creative workshops to you!

We love partnering with businesses and organizations to develop custom-built workshops that target your creative challenges. Are you having a hard time thinking creatively about a program or project? Do you need help thinking big before you narrow your focus? Do you have a sales team who needs to think outside the box? We'd love to start a conversation about how we can bring you creative, hands-on approaches to your business or organizational challenges.

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