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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Using creative experiments to overcome and move forward

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I'm excited to announce that a dream of mine is coming to fruition: Creative Vision Lab is LAUNCHING. I've spent a lot of my life chasing inspiration and translating my own-- and others'-- messy, crazy ideas into impactful, meaningful language and processes. I've been lucky enough to have moments where I connect fully with my authentic creative spark-- where I've been encouraged to think big, ask difficult questions, and try something that may not work on the off chance that it might. These are the bright, shining moments that we all yearn for: being SEEN by others and ourselves in an authentic and meaningful way. I'm grateful for every one of them.

But let's be honest: these moments are hard to access. More often than not, we get in our own way of beauty and inspiration. Fear, rejection, lack of confidence, risk aversion, perfectionism, co-dependency-- these (and many more obstacles) are usually standing in the way of us manifesting creativity and taking on endeavors that we know will bring us joy. Sometimes obstacles as simple as a lack of organization, clarity, or communication skills stand firmly in the way of us taking that leap. We get distracted. Others devalue our contributions.

There are a million reasons why we are stuck. But there are a million more reasons why it's time to get unstuck.

Creative Vision Lab's mission is to create and provide experiments for individuals and groups-- large or small--to dive into creativity in order to CLARIFY your vision and go after it. We offer one-on-one coaching sessions that take Walt Whitman's (and Ted Lasso's) quote to heart: "Be curious, not judgmental." Using voracious curiosity as a means to uncover your obstacles and challenges as well as well-researched theories on creativity and obstacles, we will develop custom-build development experiments and practices to connect you with your authentic creative spark. Our group labs can also be custom-built to address specific challenges in your organization, like creative communication, vibrant collaboration, leadership development, or growth mindset labs. We also offer monthly labs on topics like mind mapping, vision and mission statement creation, confidence building, vision board creation, mindset shifting, and many more. Our custom one-on-one, group labs, and monthly labs are suitable for leaders and individuals at any stage of your journey. In fact, one-on-one lab sessions can be very useful for teenagers who might be anxious about college admissions or choosing a major. Labs can be experienced face-to-face or virtually.

We can't forget to mention our Creative Vision Writing Lab as well-- an offering that is near and dear to my heart and mind. My love for poetry and the written word has kept my creative spark alive for most of my life, and even when the spark was little more than an ember, poetry and creative writing always welcomed me back when I was willing to dive in. It's my turn to help others and ignite that spark in you. As someone who has worked and prolifically written in both creative and corporate environments, I'm here to help you cultivate and reach your personal or professional writing goals. I can also help you identify that goal!

Our services exist for anyone who feels stuck and would like to use creativity as a way to explore getting un-stuck. We want to help clarify your vision and conquer your fears so you can move forward. Reach out today for your free consultation for individual or group lab sessions! You are ready for what's next!

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